Top10 highest Europoint get RM prize

Europoints can be converted to xtoken now.


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Within Top 10

Thank you for Playing Europoint prediction.

Your Europoints are no longer available to convert for Xtoken.

Your Winnings = Bet Amount + (Bet Amount x Odds of Bet)

Eg. You bet on Belgium with odd of 16/5 , and you bet 100 Point

100 + (100 x 16/5) = 420 (Your Total Winnings)

Date Country 1 Odds Country 2 Odds Draw
12 July 2021 Italy 15/8 England 7/4 2

Odds are based from


Top 10 players are given RM into your RM wallet (OX88reward)

Rank Username Current Point Bets Made
1 Af***ri 2640 8
2 B**n 2458 24
3 Oz****li 2400 6
4 Ki**ly 2381 21
5 Da******uz 2363 8
6 Ja****Ng 1264 25
7 Si****he 1190 19
8 Sh****ln 1108 19
9 He**i 1006 11
10 Su****ri 806 5

You must have participate at least 5 Match Predictions to enter leaderboard

Terms and Condition

To participate this event, you must be a member in OX88reward & Official Ox88
Official OX88:

  1. Your username used in form has to be same with OX88official to qualify for the final reward
  2. The scheduled match are referred from EUFA EURO 2020’s official schedule, for more info please refer official schedule here–euro-2020-all-the-fixtures/
  3. If member submit multiple bets, only the earliest bet will count.
  4. Qualified member who submitted prediction will be confirmed once more via email.


  1. OX88 reserves all the right to disqualify any participant if they were found dishonest/abusing multiple account.
  2. OX88 reserves all the right to adjust/change the terms & condition imposed any given time without notice.
  3. Each “person” are only allowed to join once, each person are only allowed to submit using 1 OX88 account
  1. Prizes are given based on your ranking
    Top 1 : RM1,888
    Top 2 : RM388
    Top 3: RM100
    Within Top 10 : RM50
  2. To qualify for any prize, the player must bet in at least 5 matches in total throughout the Euro cup period. Lesser than said amount will not qualify for prizes but Europoints can still be converted into xToken afterwards.
  3. Ranking will be based on your current Europoints and will be finalized after 12th July (Malaysia time).
  4. In event of player who has the same amount of europoints in the end of promotion, the player who reach that ranking earlier will be counted first.
    David & Kevin reached 3000 europoints and both are in the rank 5
    David was the first who reach 3000 points before Kevin
    David will be rank 5 and Kevin on Rank 6
  5. Prizes will be issued within 2 weeks after the final match, in between 12 July ~ 25th.
  6. Prizes will be given in a form of RM in OX88reward wallet.
  1. Europoints can be obtained from the following
    – Using the code CLAIM1000EUROPOINTS
    – Can be claimed from our partnered forum Casinopub via Euro Cup Match analysis.
  2. Coupons that can for this event are Europoints ONLY. If you did not get Europoints or getting other point types unintentionally (xpoint, xtoken, fortune coin, etc) , kindly notify admin.
  3. OX88reward has all the rights to adjust ANY point on any circumstances within reason. (Eg, wrong point type distribution, insufficient point as described, etc)
  4. Europoints can only be used for this event only.
  5. Europoints conversion will be available for 2 weeks after Euro Cup 2020 ends.
  6. Conversion will be in OX88reward xToken.
  7. Europoints will be removed 2 weeks after Euro Cup 2020 (12th July ~ 25th July). Any unconverted amount will permanently lost.
  1. All bets are in Europoints only
  2. Once bet are submitted, no refund are available
  3. Only ONE bet per Match up, only the EARLIEST submission counts.
  4. Allow at least 24 hours to process your winning points.
  5. Point are manually deducted after admin manually confirmed your submission.
  6. Bet open time are 1 day before scheduled match and will close before 10pm (subjected to changes depend on match time).