Fifa2022 Has officially Ended. Stay tune for future games.

What is this?

Predict which country’s team wins & earn points.  Top 10 highest point player get RM prize & Grand Prize of RM3000.

All players are welcomed to play. No Deposit required.


Grand Prize


2nd Place


3rd Prize


Top 4 ~ 10: RM100

Predict Which team wins

Compete with other players, Top 10 win RM prize

  1. Join the game here
  2. Login daily to earn “Funds” and Predict games for free using funds.
  3. Correct prediction earn FP (Fifa Points) based on your Used funds * Odds.
  4. FP will increase your leaderboard and top 10 placement can win RM prize

The odds are based of Oddschecker’s site

Your Funds:

Convert deposit into Funds

Claim up to 100 funds (RM1000 total recent deposit) with form below.


  1. To participate this FIFA mini game, you need to register as a member in both OX88 sites to qualify for reward.
    Official OX88:
  2. You are required to register to participate the game.
  3. Rewards are given after the end of event should you qualify into top 10.
  4. Remainder of unused Fund/FifaPoints will not be converted into any form of currency after event ends.
  5. The free credit will be in Ringgit currency (RM) and added into your ox88reward wallet.
  6. The cash reward will be redeemed via RM Claim page.


  1. OX88 reserves all the right to disqualify any participant if they were found dishonest/abusing multiple account.
  2. OX88 reserves all the right to adjust/change the terms & condition imposed any given time without notice.
  3. Each “person” are only allowed to join once, each person are only allowed to submit using 1 OX88 account + 1 Facebook account.
  4. Each submission are not guaranteed to be a winner and results are determined by chance.
  1. Players need to register on the game to start (with same account as all OX88 platform accounts)
  2. Please use the same username as your official OX88 account for faster/easier prize/fund transfer.
  3. Login daily to earn funds. You can earn funds as below as well
    – Login daily (50 Funds)
    – Prediction Times Milestone
    – Each RM10 deposit: 1 Fund (capped on 100 funds, RM1000)
    – Prelaunch event: Up to 750 Funds
  4. Matches will start 24 hour before game start and follow official FIFA 2022 Qatar matches schedule.
  5. Use fund to predict which team will win for the match. (Min 50 fund per match)
  6. Results will be finalized around 24 hours after official match ends.

No, you are required to register a new account for the game.

On registration, you required to fill in your OX88reward/ OX88 username to ensure the reward goes to your account. Click the links below will redirect you there.


Yes, of course. You do not need to deposit to have funds. Login daily will get 50 funds.

  1. On days with matches, up to 4 matches will available on homepage
  2. player can pick option of which team will win or draw using FUNDS.
  3. IF player’s option is correct, player will get FIFAPOINTS (FP) based on funds used X Odds
    * Odds are based from highest odds.*
    Example: 100 (Fund) x  2 (Odds) = 100 + 200 = 300 (FP)
  4. FP owned will increase player leaderboard ranking and top 10 players will win cash prize by the end of FIFA 2022 Qatar.
  5. Player can use FIFAPOINTS (FP) convert into Funds for bigger bets/returns with risk of losing ranking.
  1. Every RM100 accumulated deposit= 10 Funds. (Max 100 Funds)
  2. Funds from deposit are not inclusive from any bonus.
  1. If you have funds before this, kindly contact us to move your funds to mini game.
  2. It is recommended to request before the official game start, but you can request it anytime before event officially ends.
  3. The funds held in ox88reward account will be removed after event ends, 18 Dec 2022.
  1. Game event officially end after 18 Dec 2022 (if no delays from official schedule), all player’s score will be finalized and processed within 7 days (before 25 Dec 2022)
  2. Top 10 winner’s prize will be added automatically into your OX88reward account wallet.