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Your Unique Link

1. Register or Login as member on to see your affiliate link.

2. Copy your unique link above

4. Paste the link to any of your friend who you want to invite.

5. Your friend are required to register for the affiliate to count.

  1. Members that are invited through referral code will require to register and login in both and to fully valid.
  2. Members that are invited through referral who did not register to either and or both are not valid for RM10 reward.
  3. Your invited referral must Login at least ONCE and make at least RM50 deposit to valid for RM10 reward.
  4. RM10 referral reward that are not valid can be kept until they login and made RM50 deposit.
  5. There is a possibility that new member you invite under your link can be under another member’s downline.
    – The person has clicked another member’s link within
    – You given another member’s affiliate link
    – Your affiliate link has expired and the member has register under another member’s downline ( Update: 9 June)
    – There is an error in your affiliate link
  6. All account used for referral must be real and used owned by different person. If found duplicates uses for abusing the system, your account will be permanently banned and blacklisted on all other casinos.
  7. OX88 & OX88Reward reserves the right to change the requirement and condition for referral program anytime.
  8. Any “person” who registered as an member on are automatically agreed on the terms and condition.
  1. The referral reward will only be valid when your invited person register and login at least once in both and
  2. The referral must at least made RM50 deposit in OX88 to valid. (This is to prevent fake account)
  3. You will earn commission for the first RM50 deposit by your referral
  4. Update ( 9 June) All payment must be requested by user , this is to ensure accuracy of your downline deposits and your payment.