The Bad Nun (6.9)

导演: Scott Jeffrey
编剧: Scott Jeffrey
主演: Becca Hirani / 露西·查普尔 / Patsy Prince / Tiffany-Ellen Robinson / Georgia-Taylor Woods / 更多…
类型: 恐怖
制片国家/地区: 英国
语言: 英语


  Based on true events. Aesha goes to an isolated b&b in Kent after her mom books her in so she can get some head space for her studies. In the night Aesha is visited by a nun at the door who will progressively begin to show her true colours as the night unfolds – As the nun continues to bother Aesha at the door, Aesha begins to question her surroundings in this isolated suspense horror.艾莎為了能夠專心完成研究報告,特地單獨入住一間與世隔絕的民宿。隨著天色暗去,一名修女突然來訪,修女的詭異行徑開始令艾莎感到恐懼,並對周遭的事物產生懷疑,而這名修女絲毫沒有想要離開的意思…