Puasa Lucky Draw Prize Pool

Ipad Pro (RM3500)

x1 Winner

XMi X3 Poco (RM888)

x2 Winner


x3 Winner


x5 Winner


x10 Winner

Participation Prize


Entries were processed & lucky draw has been added into your OX88reward account RM wallet.

If participant do not have an OX88reward account, the prize will be kept in a temporary account. Kindly contact us to claim your account.

Steps to join

To join, make deposit of RM30 during period of 21st April ~ 13th May 2021.

  1. Each RM30 or above deposit will be counted as one entry. Max 3 entries.
  2. The list will update every 2 weeks.
  3. Wait until announcement of lucky draw

*Each qualified player will get AT LEAST RM18 prize for participation. This is not included if you win any other prize.

The entries are now being finalized. Please allow a week of processing. Thank you.

Your Entries are all as listed below. Should there are any issues, or unable to find your name, kindly notify us. (Results will be announced in a week ahead.)

Raya Lucky Draw Entries

Participant Entries wdt_ID
Gh***ib 1 1
Ai****u 1 2
Su**wu 3 4
R**e 3 5
le**g 3 6
VI***81 3 7
ro***yjr 2 8
dj**on 3 9
sk****88 1 10

Terms and Condition

  1. To participate this Lucky Draw, you must be a member in OX88reward & Official Ox88
    Official OX88: http://ox88my.com/en-MY/Home
    OX88reward: https://ox88reward.com/
  2. Lucky draw results are processed within 7 days after the end of event (14th May 2021 ~ 21 May 2021)
  3. Physical prize can be opt for cash prize instead based on prize value.
  4. Cash prize can be opt to be given into your bank account, or as OX credit.
  5. Once you have make a submission on OX88reward.com, your entry will be processed within 1 day.
  6. To participate
    – Made at least RM30 deposit within promotion period
    – RM30 deposit onwards will be counted as an entry. Max 3
    – All submissions are done automatically when a deposit is made. You entry will be updated on the table every 2 weeks.
    – Wish you luck and wait for result


  1. OX88 reserves all the right to disqualify any participant if they were found dishonest/abusing multiple account.
  2. OX88 reserves all the right to adjust/change the terms & condition imposed any given time without notice.
  3. Each “person” are only allowed to join once, each person are only allowed to submit using 1 OX88 account
  4. Each submission are not guaranteed to be a winner and results are determined by random chance.