Raya Haji Lucky Draw

Reach Turnover target in event period to participate in lucky draw for more free bonus!

Pick Small or big & 0 to 9 numbers, compare to magnum 4D 1st place 4th Digit in 16th July (Sunday) to see if you win any free bonus!

If you manage to get both Small/Big and Number correct, then you get double the prize!

Turnover during event period Bonus Amount (10x Turnover)
1000 RM10
2000 RM20
5000 RM100
10000 RM200
20000 RM600
50000 RM1500

*Players that submit the form but has lesser than any turnover above during event period are not qualified* 

For example, if the 4D first prize number is 0231
Number “1” is the 4th digit

  • You pick Small & Number 9, you win because “1” is Small.
  • You picked Big & Number 1 , you win because your number is correct.
  • You picked Small & Number 1, you win double the prize, because “1” is small and your number is correct.
  • You picked Big & Number 8, you got nothing as it does not match anything

Submit form below to pre-join the lucky draw the lucky draw. (submission open until 15th July, 5:30pm)


  • Double the prize if  Small/Big & Number are both correct
  • Can submit anytime during event, but wont qualify if turnover isnt enough by end of event.

4D 1st place number: 1405 

Event ended and all submissions are currently being processed. Thank you for your participation.

  1. Promotion will start from 15 June 2023 00:00:00 (GMT+8) until 16 July 2023 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  2. During promotion period, players with accumulated turnover as below during event period are entitled a lucky draw entry.
    Event period’s turnover Bonus Amount
    1000 RM10
    2000 RM20
    5000 RM100
    10000 RM200
    20000 RM600
    50000 RM1500

    *Any amount of bonus obtained from this promotion are subjected to 10 times turnover.*

  3. Player will submit a form with option of “Small” & “Big” , and Number of 0 to 9.
  4. The winning number will be determined by Magnum 4D 1st Prize number on 16th July (Sunday), the 4th digit of the number will be used to determine whether the player win the lucky draw.
  5. There can be more than 1 winner in any bonus amount.
  6. Player are required to submit their lucky draw participation before the end of the event.
  7. Once the winner has been determined, the free bonus will be procedurally debited to player’s account by the week after event ends.
  8. Turnover accumulated from any sources of bonuses are not counted towards the criteria.
  9. .Standard terms and condition applies.