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1. Playtech

Famous games: Age of the Gods: King of Olympus, Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus , Great Blue

Playtech is undeniably the most well known and popular game provider in online casino. Started since 1999 when digital casino starts to be a thing, playtech started their venture into online casino eventually. If you didnt know, Playtech is also one of the first in the market to provide the most type of slots in the market, up to today it has 160+ slots games available including the old and new.


  • One of the oldest provider in the casino game , a very established brand
  • Simple and straight forward layout in any slot games
  • Easy to access, does not need very good phone or computer to play . (low visual graphic)
  • Very stable games


  • Most games are very outdated and not attractive
  • Some games are too simple and lack of variety of play style

2. Joker123

Famous Games: Lucky God 1, Lucky God Progressive , Cai Shen Riches

Unlike Playtech, Joker is another commonly seen provider in almost every online casino but modern. Not having the best of graphic in the market, but providing the most stable modern slots in the market. One of the main reason why it has a big presence in Online casino market is due to its simple layout and compatible to mobile version.


  • Very common to find it in any online casino (trustworthy)
  • Very suitable for mobile phone sizes due to its design
  • Good variety of themed slot games
  • Very stable games


  • Games are quite repetitive in terms of style
  • Not the first choice of newer player as it is very “common”

3. Spade Gaming

Famous games: Brothers Kingdom, Lucky Koi, King Pharaoh

Spade Gaming , one of the provider founded in Malaysia , Short know as “SG” are another commonly find games provider that does not only provide Slots, but commonly Fishing games in most online casino. Since we are talking about slots only, so the pro and cons only apply to slots.


  • Common provider in online casino
  • Very phone size friendly
  • Newer games has very sleek design and updated look
  • Has a global jackpot tournament when playing specific slot games
  • Has trial system to allow you to try before playing with real cash (slot only)


  • Some games are quite old style , similar like Playtech
  • Not so visually attractive for slot games

4. Betsoft

Famous Games: Legend of Nile, Stampede, Good Girl Bad Girl

If you are talking about latest slots in the best of graphic, then it will be Betsoft. Following the trend and improvement of technology, Betsoft’s slots and other games evolve as well with the best of graphic and new play type in their slots.


  • One of the, if not the best slot games in terms of graphic
  • Fun and engaging slot games with many new playstyle
  • Very attractive slot games
  • Top picks of beginner player due to very attractive visuals.


  • Some slots are very high in graphic, cant be played in older phone/computer
  • Can be very overwhelming to new players due to less common basic play style.

5. Microgaming

Famous Games: Mega Moolah, Lotsaloot , Tomb Raider Slots

Originally known as the “Gaming Club” in 1994 which currently rebranded into “Microgaming” which many players would recognise today.  Microgaming or MG for short, offers a large variety of casino related games from live table games to large variety of slot games. Microgaming are also one of the casino gaming company that obtained the creative rights of “Tomb Raider”, thus one of the most popular slot titles are Tomb raider themed.


  • Commonly found provider brand in any online casino
  • Both old and new design of slots games for both old and new players.
  • Has up to 300+ Slot type of games to choose from
  • Varieties of Progressive slots
  • Prizes are known to be given in full (eg. You win RM10000000 in jackpot, you get all at once)
  • Has demo for large amount of games to try out before playing with real cash.


  • Severely outdated in some games
  • Large amount of games, some games are less “updated”

6. Pragmatic Play

Famous games: Hot Safari, Jurassic Giants, 8 Dragons

Pragmatic play is consider quite a newcomer in online casino games provider, founded in 2015. But their slots games are quite leaning to older style of slots without too much fancy graphics. The concept of their slot games are “video” slots , which most of the graphics are actually videos , making it quite friendly for older phone/computer.


  • Stable games, video based, not graphic heavy
  • Games support up to 31 languages (depending on your casino)
  • Similar like older style games like the ones by Playtech
  • Simple slot games but with some new styles, good for both old and new players
  • Some slot games actually have guaranteed wins after certain tries


  • Not attractive sometime, looks very old despite being quite new

7. Habanero

Famous games: Fa Cai Shen , 12 Zodiac

Habanero is the creator for Fa Cai Shen , a very well know chinese themed slot game. They focus on making 5 reel slot games and decently well known in asia region. Similar like Betsoft, they are also known for their high visual slots games.


  • High visual and attractive games
  • Progressive jackpots and worldwide ranking for certain slots
  • Many variations of slots games for different players
  • Has trial plays on certain sites


  • Most of their games are targeted to younger player, lacks of older slots style to older player
  • Quite small choices unlike Playtech

8. CQ9 Gaming

Famous games : God of War , Jump High, Gu Gu Gu

CQ9 is an asian based company and quite recently new to the online casino market. Currently western players are not accessible to their games.


  • Stable games, video based, not graphic heavy
  • Similar like older style games like the ones by Playtech
  • Simple slot games but with some new styles, good for both old and new players
  • Some slot games actually have guaranteed wins after certain tries


  • Games looks very old despite being quite new

9. Toptrend Gaming

Famous games : Cleopatra

TopTrend Gaming, short known as TTG , is a RNG focused game maker, mainly in slot games. Currently there are up to 150+ slot games available to choose from.


  • Not graphic heavy and mobile friendly
  • Simple slot games
  • Most of the slot games can be played in demo mode to try out.


  • All games are quite “Copy paste” Style, same play style but different theme
  • A little too outdated in graphics and style

10. Playstar

Famous games : The Empire, 777, Fortune Teller

Playstar is a recent entry to online casino market since 2015, providing mainly slots games to their users. The unique thing about Playstar is their style of slots, which are mainly in 2D illustrative graphics, unlike big contenders like Betsoft using 3D graphics to further enhance their games visual. This 2D focus slots brings another charm of being classic yet a take on modern style of slot gamings.


  • Not graphic heavy due to lack of 3D in their games
  • Simple slot games, all game released until today are supported for all devices (mobile, pads , desktops)
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Contemporary Bonus, every different period will have extra bonus on their slots games.


  • Lack of high tech visuals and effects where bigger competitors has.
  • Recent entry to casino market, has a limited amount of games to be choose from.

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