Be our Affiliate

Why be our Affiliate?

Get your friend to join us, you get Real cash money monthly. Not Casino credit.

No matter your downline (your invited players) win or lose, you will get the earning from their deposit, this is the first online casino affiliate with this system!

Affiliate Rewards

How to make Money

How to Make Money (RM)

Invite your your friend to us OX88 by referral link, you will

  • Get RM 10 when your friend register using your link.
  • Get Percentange of earning based on your friend’s DEPOSIT .
  • Your Earnings will not be affected by their Win or Lose , unlike other casino’s affiliate system

Commission Percentage

LevelNormal Member (default)Gold Member
Level 11%2%
Level 20.5%1%
Level 30.2%0.5%

Get your Referral link here

Earn RM10 from inviting your friends!

How much you can earn ? Monthly RM68,000~

The amount of earning you can get! (Gold Member)

Your Commission Per Month
LevelGold MemberDownlines Deposits /PersonTotal depositsYour Earnings (RM)Registration Bonus (RM10 per invite)
Level 12%202505000100RM200
Level 21%25002506250006250
Level 30.5%50002501250000062500
Total Earnings 68850

* This is an example, if everyone of your invited member invites 20 member*

How to become Gold Member

Doubles the amount of earning above

To become a Gold Member, you account must have either

100 Verified Referral 


At least RM1000 Total Earning

Once you have achieve either one, your account will automatically become Gold Member.


A few questions you might want to ask, so we answered for you first.

Method 1

Each person you invite to join OX88, you get RM10 (registered & verified). 

If you invite 100 within a month, you get RM1000 by the end of the month.

That is just a One-time reward, but your earning does not stop here.

Method 2

This continued from Method 1.

Assuming you invite 100 person, only 50 of them deposit in OX88 monthly. 

OX88 monthly average deposit are RM250 /player

RM250 x 50 (referral) = RM12500/ 1% = RM125 (total earning)

*1% are for normal members, Gold members get 2%

You get RM125, for doing nothing monthly and this last forever.

What is Level?

Level 1 = Members who you invited to join OX88

Level 2 = Members who invited by Level 1

Level 3 = Members who invited by Level 2

You can get commissions (earnings) from all these 3 levels.

*You cannot get commission from members who invited by Level 3 and so on. *

How does it Work?

Assuming each person invites two member and average deposit RM250 /member

Level 1 (5 members) = RM250 x 5 = 1250/ 1% =  RM12.5

Level 2 (10 members) = RM250 x 10 = 2500/ 0.5% = RM12.5

Level 3 (20 members) = RM250 x 20 = 5000/0.2% =  RM10

Total earning monthly = RM35

*”Level1″ 5 member invites 2 members each , thus “Level 2” have 10 members in total. Same for Level 3.*

RM35 is a very small earning. But remember , this is because you only invited 5 members.

If you have

100 members = RM700 monthly

100 members & gold member = RM1400~ monthly

100 members but high deposit +gold = RM2800~ Monthly

200 members but each person invites 5 person instead of 2 = RM 7000+ (RM14000+ if gold) Monthly

You can have total 3 Levels of different member. But there are no limit on how many members that are your downline.

Means you can have unlimited members.

Your earnings will be counted and given in every first 7 days of each month. Earnings are banked in to your account provided.