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How to get Scratch Coin


Scratch chance are given based on

“Monthly deposit – Monthly Withdrawal / 50 = Scratch chance”

RM1000 (Total deposit) – RM500 (Total Withdraw) / 50 = 10 Scratch chance 

Reward List 

Table Below are the scratch percentage.

Reward 奖励 Percentage  机率
RM1 30%
RM2 17%
RM5 10%
RM10 8%
RM20 5%
RM50 2%
RM100 1%
RM200 1%
RM1000 1%
RM0 25%

My Scratch Coin (我的刮币):

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Terms & Condition


  1. Card results will be automatically added into your balance when card’s result are shown.
  2. Card result might be pre-determined upon purchase. However the reward will only be obtained after fully scratched.
  3. Due to bandwidth delay or any other circumstances, your winnings might not update immediately.
  4. If there are any bugs present (eg, unable to purchase cards , winnings does not reflect to balance, unable to scratch) please send us an email.
  5. Cards are recommended to be scratched upon purchase to avoid card lost.
  6. If found abusing card’s glitch or bugs without and prior report, you are subjected to account ban.
  1. 刮卡的奖励完整的显示了后就自动充值入账号
  2. 刮卡的奖励会在”购买” 后当时有所定下奖励结果,已不是通过刮后定下。
  3. 如果刮卡出现了障碍或问题 (例子, 无法买卡 , 奖励和得到的不一样, 卡刮不了),请通知我们.
  4. 刮卡购买了后建议尽快刮去,以免损失 (虽然卡的奖励是定下,但必须刮了才有效).

Terms & Condition